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Stewart Grimes -

Double Bass/ Bass Guitar

Stewart was born into a musical family in 1947 and had his first bass guitar at the age of 12. Because of Stewart’s natural ability he was able to play live gigs at the age of 14. Jet Harris has been a big influence on Stewart and has clearly influenced his playing style. Stewart has a wealth of experience and has played in various bands over the years including playing for his father, who was a local drummer/bandleader. Stewart’s knowledge of music is impressive and he is able to turn his hand to any style of music with confidence and a real panache! He prefers to play mainly fretless basses and you may notice that he plays with an intriguing electric skeletal upright and Bass Ukulele!


James Chapman - Drums

A young, extremely talented and versatile drummer from Heathfield who plays a wide variety of different styles. He is a sensitive and creative drummer with a real flair for creating the most original grooves.


Duncan White - Guitar (dep)

Duncan began classical guitar lessons aged 14 from a guitar tutor Rod Sadler for about a year and then went onto study with another electric guitar guru Mick Hutchinson who exposed him to other guitar styles and genres of music. Duncan went onto to do a BTEC National Diploma at Chichester after A levels and then onto a HND in Music Technology at Thames Valley University, London – whilst teaching and performing gigs. Duncan has worked with the band Cornershop recording and live performance. Duncan has taught guitar at Sussex Downs College Eastbourne and worked on a community project encouraging young people to take up a music instrument at a community centre. He then went onto facilitating music for special needs students at St John’s School and College in Seaford and Brighton. Duncan performs guitar in a number of bands and runs a weekly Jazz Jam. He also enjoys composing, animation and spending time with his family.

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